LeakLook for properties


29 € / Month

The LeakLook service is also suitable for use in larger real estate properties, such as housing cooperations, industrial real estates and commercial real estates.

The service monitors the main water metre of the property and, if necessary, provides alerts about water leaks or other disruptions to water use.

It is possible to link the LeakLook service to house automation and real estate information systems, whereby the water consumption data is automatically forwarded to the desired system.


LeakLook for properties.

Price includes servide, start fee, service fee, 3G-router and internet conncection

Service fee includes:

  • Water leak alerts
  • Dashboard where property’s water data can be monitored in real time
  • Interface to house automation and real estate information systems
  • Internet connection

Service fee is 29 € / kk. icludes VAT 24 %, when contract is 48 months. Service fee is billed in for hand. Service fee after contract period is 29 € / month. includes alv 24 %

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