The market’s first platform to manage water data and analyze it’s usage.

Traditional water metering is has not been cost-effective or user friendly.

It lacks modern functionality!

Water scarcity is widely considered to be the next major issue impacting the world over the coming years. Water stress is the biggest crisis no one is talking about. One way to start tackling the problem is by getting a better understanding of water data.


LeakLook is solving problem that is caused by old fashion water monitoring. Accurate and real-time data of water usage has not been available before LeakLook.


Real-time data helps building owners to optimize water heating and save in heating costs, it helps to detect leaks and makes water billing super easy.


Measuring success in water conservation/recycling efforts.


While finding new and improved ways to conserve, recycle and tap into new sources of water is clearly an ongoing necessity, successfully addressing the looming crisis of water scarcity needs accurate measurement of efforts at the national, regional and international levels. Leading analysts from environmental, government and journalistic organisations are pointing towards these measuring efforts as essential for determining which methods are enjoying success and need to be reinforced, and which are not having the desired impact.

Successful Businesses Since 2017

With LeakLook service you can keep track of entire water usage data even from your phone. The LeakLook service also detects water leaks, and provides an alert in good time. Our solution raises awareness in society to use water more responsible way. Our goal is reduce water consumption in the homes and generate financial savings.

Water Safety

Water safety- easily. You will receive an alert regarding abnormal or excessive water consumption and water leaks.


Know how you consume water. With this device, you can anticipate and manage the water consumption. – as well as future water bills.

Efficient Billing

Measurement reading directly to the billing system. Real time billing with letterless monitoring.

Proven Track record

LeakLook sales started this year. We have seen huge accumulated demand on water monitoring. Our customers are housing companies, building investors and energy management companies.

Water users monitored


Sales increase in 2019

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Water is essential for everyone. Masses will experience change in next 5 years.
Do you want to be on front row seat?

AQVA.IO is a global water data management company that owns the BigData generated by water usage and the resulting business.

Artificial Intelligence

LeakLook service uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to capture and analyse data from water meters. Systems analyses water usage and sets adaptive alert limits to each building. Each building will get footprint which is monitored in real-time. Chances of footprint is analysed with artificial intelligence.

Happy Customers

LeakLook service is trusted by cities and smart building service providers.

Investment Round

Investment enables AQVA.IO to boost LeakLook sales and expand sales outside Finland

Money is spent to:

Team building (sales & marketing and development).
Marketing and sales.


Investment done


New account manager / sales person


EU Market research


EU office opening

Investment Impact

Management Team

Experienced management team has proven it’s talent with LeakLook and in previous positions!

Jarkko Mäkivaara


Ville Strandman


Riku-Pekka Salmi


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