When you're no longer worried about water safety

The market’s most trouble-free water safety service provides households with not only transparency in their water consumption, but also cost-effective water safety. The LeakLook service consists of a water meter reader and an alert service. With the LeakLook water safety device, you might also be able to receive a rebate in your home insurance deductibles.

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Consumer awareness increases home safety

Machine vision interprets water data and warns of deviations.

The LeakLook service detects unexpectedly high water consumption, such as that caused by water leakages, and provides an alert in good time. It can also locate minor leakages, such as excessive water consumption in a toilet system. You can also keep track of your entire household water data in real time by logging in to the LeakLook directly from your phone.

Easy, easier, easiest to take into use

Attach the water safety device, connect to a WiFi network, and register.

The device is suitable for all water metre models and no professional help is needed. Log in with one click – the machine vision technology learns your water consumption in just a few days and begins to produce water consumption data and water safety.

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The water safety service for households now only costs 149 €.

Includes a reading device that is attached to the water metre and an alert service as a logged-in user from your terminal. All you need is a working WiFi network. You can pay via the most common online payment options.

The most trouble free water safety service on the market

With the LeakLook water safety device, you may also be able to receive a rebate in your home insurance deductibles.