Easily manage the water data of a property

The service monitors the main water meter of the property and, if necessary, provides alerts about water leaks or other disruptions to water use.

It is possible to link the LeakLook service to house automation and real estate information systems, whereby the water consumption data is automatically forwarded to the desired system.

Consumer awareness increases home safety

Machine vision interprets water data and warns of deviations.

The LeakLook service detects unexpectedly high water consumption, such as water leakages, and provides an alert in good time. You will receive data directly to your phone. It can also locate minor leakages, such as excessive water consumption in the toilet system. You can also monitor an entire property’s water data in real time by logging in to the LeakLook service.

Easy, easier, easiest to take into use

Attach the water safety device, connect to a WiFi network, and register

The device is suitable for all water metre models and no professional help is needed. Log in with one click – the machine vision technology learns your water consumption in just a few days and begins to produce water consumption data and water safety.

Order today

Only 0.95 € per day

Includes a water metre reader to be attached, an internet connection and alert service.

Watertight reliability

Reliable data transfer with the LeakLook service

The structural thicknesses of properties are usually a problem in the transfer of data. Water metres are often placed on the lower floors of buildings, where data transfer is difficult.

The LeakLook service expands the digital sphere of the water metres in these by transferring the data through an internal network to an area where it is possible to access the 3G / 4G network connection.

The most trouble-free water safety service on the market

With the LeakLook water safety device, you may also be able to receive a rebate on your home insurance deductibles.