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Leak Look lukijalaite tunnistaa perinteisten mittarien kulutuksen 1dl tarkkuudella. Tämä mittaustarkkuus mahdollista tunnistamaan vuotoja vesijohtoverkossa. Jos sinulla on perinteinen vesimittari voit seurata Leak Look palvelulla vedenkulutustasi ja sekä saada mahdollisista vuodoista hälytyksiä. Jos vesimittari on esimerkiksi taloyhtiön alamittari, Leak Look lukijalaite ei pysty lukemaan sen kertomaa tietoa. Alamittarit pystytään tunnistamaan Leak Look palvelussa kesällä 2018. Jos vesimittari on varustettu pulssilukijalla, Leak Look lukijalaite ei pysty lukemaan sen kertomaa tietoa. Pulssilukijalla varustetut mittarit pystytään tunnistamaan Leak Look palvelussa kesällä 2018.
How does it work?
The LeakLook service works without making any modifications to your existing water metre. The introduction of the service and the device is simple and can be performed without professional help. The small, handy device requires only power input and a home WiFi connection. The LeakLook water safety device is placed over an existing water metre and monitors the water metre readings with the help of machine vision technology. Consumption data is transferred forward in a data secure manner to the user for reading. Consumption data can be monitored by desktop, mobile telephone or tablet- anywhere and anytime. Water consumption can even be monitored to a precision of even a decilitre. The most important feature of LeakLook concerns the safety of your home. The water data produced, i.e. the consumption data for water used, is possible to inspect at monthly, weekly and even minute levels. The LeakLook service monitors water consumption in real time. The service analyzes the data it receives, for example, to locate hidden leaks. As an example, a small, dripping toilet cistern can result in an annual bill of several thousand euros. An alert will be sent to the user concerning any possible leakages. You can add more locations to your service, such as your own home and cottage. In this case, the consumption data can be read at a quick glance.

LeakLook-lukijalaite tunnistaa mittarien kulutuksen 1 dl tarkkuudella. Tämä mittaustarkkuus mahdollistaa tunnistamaan vuotoja vesijohtoverkossa. Voit seurata LeakLook-palvelulla vedenkulutustasi sekä saada mahdollisista vuodoista hälytyksiä. LeakLook-palvelu pystyy lukemaan perinteisiä vesimittareita, pulssianturilla varustettuja mittareita, ns. alamittareita sekä digitaalisia mittareita. Lue lisää soveltuvuudesta tästä.

Rebate in home insurance?
If you have a water metre reader in use, some insurance companies may give you a discount on home insurance and some insurance companies will be able offer you a rebate in deductibles from damages. Ask for more info from your own insurance company.

Mitä se maksaa?
LeakLook-vesiturvapalvelu koostuu vesimittarinlukijasta sekä hälytyspalvelusta. Vesiturvapalvelun aloitusmaksu on 199 €, tämän jälkeen palvelu maksaa 6 € kuukaudessa.


Jos ostat palvelun nyt, saat ensimmäisen vuoden kuukausimaksut 0 €.


How is the device installed?

The installation of the device is explained in the accompanying guide. The same guide can also be downloaded from this link. Also view the installation



How much does the device use a web connection?
The reader installed on the water metre uses a Wifi network for its data transferral. The Wifi network must be connected to the Internet either wirelessly or wired. For example, a 3G / 4G router, ADSL modem or cable modem can be used. In fact, the data transfer rate is about 20k-50k bytes, every 30 seconds, i.e., it is small compared to the Internet data transfer rates of home entertainment devices.

How is the information security?

A great deal of attention has been paid to information security. We would say that it is at a very different level compared to the use of water consumption notices commonly used by water departments nowadays, by means of a postcard method, whereupon consumption readings are sent openly without any form of protection. Security is implemented in the LeakLook system according to the current standards. The data transfer of the reader device placed on the water metre is encrypted all the way to the data processing server. In addition, the web site provided by the service, from which you can track your consumption readings, is also protected. No third party will therefore be able to view your consumption readings.

Does the device require electricity?

Yes, the device requires a live power outlet. The device has a 4m cable to make the installation easy and reach the nearest plug outlet. The device requires electricity as the water consumption is measured in real time at 30-second intervals. This allows for very accurate consumption monitoring and quick alerts. The consumption of electricity is, at most, 1W. The device is not designed for battery operation.

What is the range of the Wifi link?

The service requires an internet (WLAN or WiFi) network to work. In order for the LeakLook service to function as well as possible, the home network should be close to the water metre. No exact distance between the home network connection and the device can be given as each operating environment is different. In some premises it may be possible to have a long distance if there are few obstacles, such as walls and radio signals. If the device is situated behind several walls or obstacles, the workable connection range may be significantly shortened. The LeakLook reader operates at around 20 to 30 metres from the WiFi router in indoor premises. If you want to find out if a home network (WLAN or WiFi) is close enough to the water metre, you can simply test it with a smartphone or tablet. 1. Take the smart device close to the metre. 2. Browse local networks with your device. 3. If you see a suitable network to connect to on the smart device’s network list, this would probably also be suitable for using the AQVA.IO service. The user help manual that is provided will also assist in connecting to a home network. You may also connect the reader to your home network before even attaching it to the water metre. The connectability is, of course, better if the reader is in free space, for example, in your hand, rather than behind a low cabinet. To improve the coverage of your home network, you could acquire a so called Extender. This device increases the coverage area. If there is not already an internet network, one could build one with a 3G / 4G router, for example.