Remotely readable apartment level water metering

Apartment level water metering brings savings and security.

With remote-readable apartment-specific water metering, the housing company saves an average of 30% of the usual water consumption. The savings in hot water are also reflected in the reduction in the housing company’s energy bill.

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Consumption data right in the right place

API connections automatically transfer consumption data to your billing systems.

With the API connection of the LeakLook service, billing information and leakage alerts are automatically transferred to the housing association software. No more manual invoicing! Consumption data can also be monitored using the LeakLook service, and you can get comprehensive reporting on the property’s apartment-specific water use on the website.

Easy install

The water meter in the LeakLook system is easy to install. Installation does not require electrical wiring to the apartments for meters, the meters operate without external power. Cost savings arise when an electrician and electrical wiring are not required for installation.

Easy and cheap, that’s how it is!

The water meters in the LeakLook system are directly connected to the Internet without separate routers and network cables. Once the meter is installed by the installer, consumption data and leak alarms are automatically transferred to the LeakLook online service.

That’s it!

2 x security

LeakLook is the first to launch a system that monitors the water use of the entire property. The system monitors the water use and leaks in property from apartments and also from the main water meter in the common areas of the property!

The most carefree water safety on the market

Thanks to several monitoring points, any water leaks can be accurately located inside the property. After a leak alarm, the leak can be repaired quickly once its exact location is known.

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Consumption data brings security

AI follows water usage and data and warns of deviations.

The LeakLook service detects unexpectedly high water consumption, such as water leakage, and alerts you in good time. You get the information directly to your phone. It also locates small leaks, such as extra water consumption in the toilet system. You can also monitor the water data of the entire property in real time by logging in to LeakLook.

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The most worry-free water safety service on the market

With the LeakLook water safety device, you can also get a refund for your insurance deductible.